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I have always been into food. Even as a baby, my mother says that my love for food was extremely evident. I was raised in a household with parents who both loved to cook. My dad is masterful on the grill and his barbecue is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. My mom is a whiz in the kitchen – just give her a recipe from any cuisine and she’ll somehow manage to nail it on the very first try.

Although I always had access to healthy home cooked meals, I never missed the opportunity to indulge in treats that weren’t so wholesome. In high school, parfaits from McDonald’s and flaming hot Cheetos were my thing. In college, I would have my daily dose of Starbucks: a venti caramel Frappuccino with 4 shots of espresso and extra caramel was my regular order.

It was only after becoming a practicing pharmacist that I started changing my eating habits and views about food. I specialized in diabetes management and discovered the power of a healthy diet in combating disease. As you know, medicine can only do so much – a healthful and complete lifestyle is critical to good health (and, of course, happiness).

At the same time, my own cooking habits started to evolve. Not only did I focus on using better quality ingredients, but I also started to experiment. As a pharmacist, I had grown accustomed to following guidelines to ensure strict accuracy. Now, I started to bend recipes and explore different tastes. Sometimes the outcome was great. And, sometimes, not so good. But, the process expanded my approach to the kitchen and made me a much better cook.


My two co-workers at the time also had a big impact on me. One of them launched her own Crossfit gym and encouraged me to join. I ended up becoming her first member and it completely drew me into the world of exercise and fitness. Then, my other co-worker encouraged me to expand my baking skills. She had made French macarons and challenged me to do the same. Naturally, my first try was a complete disaster. But, I loved every step of the learning journey and I eventually perfected the craft.

Baking became my focus over the next few years. Ironically, I started with one of the harder desserts and slowly worked my way down the ladder: cake pops, Rice Crispy pops, cupcakes, and chocolate covered Oreos and pretzels. I loved the process and I especially loved putting smiles on peoples’ faces. However, it didn’t stop there. What good is a tasty dessert if it didn’t look appetizing? So, I started fine-tuning my presentation skills and began setting up elaborate dessert tables for parties, events and even my own wedding. I aimed to create simple yet beautiful displays.

Now, I’m making my adventures public because I have a desire to teach others by sharing all that I’ve learned – that’s the element that’s been missing in my life. Sometimes we’ll talk about rich and delicious creations. And, other times we’ll cover healthy and responsible alternatives. By passing knowledge along, I’m also very excited about the new lessons I will learn from you. And, that’s the goal of all this: mentoring, mingling, mixing, and maturing.

So, here’s to spreading knowledge since knowledge is meant to be shared! PIG OUT!

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